Meet Lubana

A little bit about me

Where it all began

I established plan & plant in 2012 as I said farewell to the corporate world. It was the perfect way to combine my business brain with a life-long passion for green spaces and the great outdoors.


Now a qualified horticulturalist, I love creating and caring for beautiful, functional gardens that suit our climate and stand the test of time. Whether it’s placing a shade tree in the perfect spot or planting flower favourites to line a path, my work brings endless smiles to people’s faces (which brings a smile to mine).

Always on my mind

I’m intrigued by the unique beauty and complexity of all things botany – and the countless benefits plants bring to our lives and the environment.


For me, gardens offer the perfect opportunity to experiment and enrich. And I am always exploring ways to make the most out of different plants to ensure my gardens thrive.

A rewarding kind of chaos

I wear many hats both in and out of work. On any given day I could be creating concepts in the morning – and shovelling soil in the afternoon (with the help from a fabulous team of course).


With four wonderful children and a cheeky Viszla who takes up way too much of my time, my evenings and weekends are all about family. We all love getting involved in our local community and packing in as much travel as possible.